What In A Twerking, Wrecking Ball Happened To Hannah Montana?

My 10-year-old daughter, Yanna, started to adore the Disney Channel because of two main reasons – Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana.  I also like Hannah Montana but I am never a fan of Miley Cyrus.  I don’t have anything against her, don’t get me wrong.  I’m just more of a Selena Gomez fan.  I even follow her on Instagram, tee-hee!

When a lot of people started to make a big deal out of Miley’s alleged pole dancing during the Teen’s Choice Awards back in 2009, I thought the uproar it created was unnecessary.  It wasn’t even a real pole dance if you ask me.  It looked to me like the pole was placed there as a support so she won’t fall off from that ice cream cart.  But who knew that harmless pole dancing issue is actually a prequel to something totally jaw-dropping three years after, huh?

now and thenThe moment Miley Cyrus replaced her lovely tresses with a very short and spiky do, I had a gut feeling her next move is going to be something three times nastier.  It’s the same gut feeling I had when Charice went to the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards sporting a hairstyle that you usually see on a male K-Pop artist.  A year after that she confessed she’s a lesbian.  I give her a 10 for deciding to come out in the open at such a young age.  As for Miley, well, we all know what she did to that poor, innocent, sledge hammer, don’t we?

I definitely made some bad choices in the past, too, so I am not gonna throw a stone at Miley for doing what she did, but as a mom, I wouldn’t be happy seeing my daughter twerking her life, fame, and hard work away like what Ms. Cyrus is doing right now.  I guess that’s also how Sinead O’Connor felt when she wrote that open letter to our dear Hannah Montana star. She wanted to give Miley the I’ve-been-there-and-I’ve-done-that-but-look-where-it-got-me message.  It was , for me, kind of a motherly thing actually and was written with affection.  Unsurprisingly, Miley’s reaction was to ridicule Sinead and make fun of the latter’s mental health.  She definitely wanted to give the impression that she is going to stand by her choices and that she doesn’t care if a lot of people think her act looks like she’s pimping her own self out.  Maybe she’s doing it to rebel, or to be unforgettable, or to upstage Lady Gaga – which I think is really working, by the way, if that is the case.  She made Lady Gaga look…..tamed.

Personally, I was disappointed.  NO, try flabbergasted!  She could have been great.  She has the power to touch and change young people’s perspective in life in a more positive way but then she did the opposite.  So I made it a point to not let Yanna see the Wrecking Ball music video because I, myself, didn’t have the courage to finish watching it.  The song itself is catchy.  I would have liked it if only I haven’t seen the video first.  Anyway, the video will just confuse my daughter and I am not ready to face her relentless inquisitions of why her super favorite Hannah Montana star did that and if her parents ever ground her for being that naughty.

I am not saying it’s Miley’s top responsibility to inspire our children to be better and to have good choices in life.  It is our job as mothers and not hers.  I just hope one day she’d appreciate the kind of influence and change she can instill on people.  Maybe she got tired of trying to get the best of both worlds and finally lost it, huh?

If your daughters also adore Miley Cyrus ever since she was still Hannah Montana, this is one of those moments where Parental Guidance really is A MUST.

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