The Boy Who Cried “Momo!”

It all started when Chaze turned one year and six months.  I was singing him a lullaby one night when, out of the blue, he just pointed at something at the ceiling, which was right above our bed.  I looked where he was pointing his finger at but there was nothing there.  No lizards, spiders, or even a fly. However, he kept on pointing at that part for the next couple of minutes.  He didn’t know how to utter a word back then except for “momma” and “dada”, so asking him to say what he saw wasn’t an option.  The next incident happened last month while I was giving him a warm bath one evening.  He just started crying the moment we entered the bathroom.  Later on, I noticed that he kept on looking at one corner of the room where the toilet bowl is.  He definitely looked scared, plus he was trying to walk out of the bathroom the whole time.  He’s never done that whenever he takes a bath before.

Yesterday was the first time he uttered the word “momo”.  I was in the kitchen preparing lunch while he was in the living room playing with his Dad’s drums. The next minute, he was hugging my leg and was trying to squeeze himself between me and the kitchen counter I was leaning on.  I asked him what’s wrong.  He pointed at the living room and cried, “Momo…momo”.  I tried not to make a big deal out of it.  Eventually, he got distracted and went back to the living room and started playing with the drums again.

Today, he cried “momo” one time just too many that it gave me goosebumps. The creepiest one was during dinner at my parents’ house. My daughter, my niece, Chaze, and I just started eating dinner when Chaze, who was at my lap, started to look worried while looking towards the kitchen. Suddenly, he pointed at the bottom of the staircase and cried “momo…momo” again. The two girls jumped and scurried off towards the door and out the gate. They went back inside eventually when they realized I didn’t leave the table. After five minutes, Chaze cried “momo” again, but this time he was pointing at an area much nearer to us.  Unsurprisingly, the girls squealed and frantically ran outside again faster that one can say “ghostbusters”!  When they went back inside, I decided that we all eat in front of the TV instead.  The staircase and the kitchen can’t be viewed from there, only the dining table.  I kept Chaze seated on my lap while we were finishing dinner.  After a couple of minutes, he went down, walked towards his sister and said to her, “Momo…momo” while pointing towards the dining table.  It was definitely a you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me moment for me!

What really bothers me is Chaze’s face whenever this “momo” thing occurs.  I just can’t bear seeing his face that scared.  I hope and pray he’d get over this soon.  Several of my friends would tell me it’s natural for a child to see things we adults do not normally see, and that eventually they’ll just grow out of it.  That’s comforting to know.  I’m a hopeless scaredy-cat so I do hope what they told me is true.

On the other hand, maybe Chaze is just practicing his trick-or-treating skills???  Halloween is just around the corner, anyway. Tee-hee!

3 thoughts on “The Boy Who Cried “Momo!”

  1. Love your blog! You have a great way of writing that allows me to feel as though I am part of the action!

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