My Semi-Eventful Trip To The Grocery Store

I went to buy Chaze’s medicine at a local drugstore yesterday.  The grocery right next to it reminded me of an incident that happened there last month when I went to buy a pack of cookies.

The pack of cookies was the only thing I had in my hand that day so I went in line on the Express Lane where only 1 to 8 items are allowed to be checked out.  There was this lady ahead of me in the line carrying a grocery basket that had, like, 20 items in it.  I fought the urge to call her out because she had her little girl with her.  The girl looked like she’s only 7 or 8 years old. Besides, the mom might not be aware that she’s standing on an Express Lane, right?

When it’s their turn to check their groceries out, the little girl helped her mom unload the contents of their basket to the counter.  When they were only halfway done with the unloading, the mom signaled the little girl to stop. This confused the girl.

Aren’t we going to buy the rest of it, ma?” she inquired.

Her mom just ignored her question.

When the cashier was almost done punching in what’s on the counter, the little girl again attempted to take the rest of their groceries out of their basket, but her mom almost slapped her hand when she did so. She looked at her mother with questioning eyes.  Well, I definitely wasn’t confused of what the mom was trying to do. She was trying to not make it obvious that she has way more than 8 items in her basket so, yes, she definitely was aware she was on the wrong lane.

Your total bill is P220, ma’am,” announced the cashier.

The woman didn’t reach for her wallet.  Instead, she finally unloaded the rest of her groceries from the basket.

Oh, are those also yours?” asked a now surprised cashier.

The woman nodded.

I’m sorry, ma’am, but this lane only allows a maximum of 8 items,” the cashier informed her.

The woman didn’t say anything. She just started to silently return the unchecked items back to her basket like a pissed-off ten-year-old kid being asked to clean her messy bedroom before she can go out and play. She then had the nerve to act as if the cashier had inconvenienced her when she was asked to get in line again if she still wants to check out the rest of the stuff in her basket.

As for the little girl, I think she was too young to understand what had happened.  If she did understand, well, I just hope she won’t follow her mom’s example but learned a valuable lesson from what her mother did instead.

It’s one thing to not follow the policy or break the rules; it’s another to do it in front of a child, especially your own.   That is the lesson I have learned that day.   Anyway, if I did what that mom did at the grocery store and my daughter was with me, she’d be the first person to remind me that I am in the wrong lane.  Yes, she can be that uptight when it comes to following the rules.  She even wakes up an hour before the rest of us do every morning because she doesn’t wanna be late for school. Sometimes, I think, I must have done something especially right during her younger years to make her this obedient.  We were total opposites when I was her age, you see.  Thank goodness for that!

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