Now, That’s Inspiring!

Yes, this is something you don’t see everyday…

This type of video really gets to you.  You know, the type that gives  you hope towards the kindness left in mankind and inspire you to show kindness towards others, too?  Well, it has somehow gotten into me because it made me try to show a simple act of kindness towards an elderly lady a few days ago.  Believe me, I hesitated to do it at first because it felt awkward somehow. Sure, we are naturally kind and giving when it comes to our family, friends, and loved-ones, but towards a total stranger?  It’s not as usual as having a cup of coffee in the morning.  Though, I must admit, it’s definitely heartwarming when you see it in videos.

Anyway, I was on my way to the market that day when I saw this elderly lady trying to hail a tricycle three times, but all these drivers just kept on ignoring her.  So I decided to stop and stand a few feet from her to help her get a tricycle.  I don’t think she even noticed I was standing there trying to help her get a ride.  Not that it matters.

I stared at the driver of the next tricycle who was coming towards us.  The driver stared back and somehow understood that his service is being needed.  He gestured to stop in front of me but I pointed him towards the elderly woman as a signal that she was the one who needed the ride and not I.  As soon as the driver realized this, he just drove away without even a blink! What’s wrong with these drivers?!

I still decided to stay until I can get the old lady a tricycle.  Thankfully, she managed to get one undiscriminating driver herself without me having to step in and go hell-no-you-are-not-gonna-ignore-this-old-lady on the next driver I see.

To my dear readers who haven't seen what a Philippine tricycle looks like, well, here it is :)

To my dear readers who haven’t seen what a Philippine tricycle looks like, well, here it is 🙂

My act of kindness was a no biggie because I wasn’t really able to help the lady that much.  I’ll try harder next time, I guess.  If I’d have the guts to do it again.

How about you?  What’s your latest act of kindness towards a stranger?  I hope it wasn’t as awkward as my own experience.

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