A Spooky Moment With My Toddler — Again!

It’s not the first time that I had this kind of moment with my two-year-old.  The first time this spooky thing happened with Chaze was a year ago. I’ve wrote about it in this blog, October of last year.  It wasn’t as creepy, though, because he wasn’t able to talk much back then. He can’t even utter a word with more than two syllables. But, now, he can already talk in short sentences, which means he can somehow describe what happened this time.

This spooky moment happened in the bathroom while I was giving him a bath yesterday morning.

His bath started with him talking and giggling a lot.  When I asked him to look up so I can wash the soap off his neck, that’s when the creepiness started.  After looking up for five seconds, he slowly reached out to me, hugged me tight while resting his head on my shoulder, and never took his eyes off the floor.  He was obviously too scared to look up again.  He didn’t move for a minute and I didn’t think he wanted to continue his bath anymore so I suggested we continue rinsing him off outside where the water hose is. He nodded impatiently.

When we were already in the bedroom watching tv, I started inquiring about what happened in the bathroom.  He said he got scared.  I asked what scared him.  He said he’s gonna ask his daddy to punch what was in there.  So, I asked what was in there.  He said, “Momo.”

That evening, while we were having dinner, I asked Chaze to tell his daddy about that thing he wanted his dad to punch.  He pointed at the bathroom and told his daddy about the “momo” he saw at the ceiling.  Yes, the ceiling. I felt my skin crawl.  That’s one of the scariest places a ghost can be in a horror movie!

I asked him what the “momo” looked like.  His face was blank.  I thought he did not understand the question so I rephrased it.  I asked if it was smiling at him when he saw it.  His answer made my skin crawl one more time.  He said it was angry.  I asked what the momo’s face was doing.  He rolled his eyeballs way up to hide it so all I see is only the white in his eyes.  Afterwards, he looked at me and said that’s what it looked like.  Right then, I regretted asking the question.  I wasn’t ready for that kind of answer at all!

Today, after we had our breakfast, he remembered about the “momo” and, to my surprise, he asked me to open the bathroom door.  I gathered he wanted to check if the thing he saw is still in there.  So, I obliged.  He walked towards the door with caution.  Personally, I think it was really brave of him to do that.  Proud momma moment.  When he was at the door, he looked at the ceiling for a second, then he pointed his finger at an area near the fluorescent bulb and said that it’s still there.  He continued staring at it for several seconds before that scared look on his face became apparent again.  He started to step away and asked me to close the door already, his eyes wide with fright.

I’ve been telling myself not to make a big deal out of it.  Not to panic.  Whether this thing he thinks he saw is real or not, I wouldn’t mind as long as it doesn’t hurt him in any way.  When he’ll continue to see such things as he grows older and as articulate enough to precisely describe it, I’m not even sure if I would even dare ask him to, well, describe it again.

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