A Trip To The Doctor, A Timely T-Shirt, And My Son’s Superpower!

Last August, Chaze was admitted to the hospital because of pneumonia. On the first week of September, we brought him back to the same hospital due to URTI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection). So imagine my worry when he started coughing again yesterday. He was not able to have a peaceful sleep last night because of it. I was already in the point of panicking actually.

2013-10-09 16.54.32I was only able to completely calm myself down after our visit to Chaze’s pediatrician earlier today. Although she diagnosed Chaze’s case to be bronchitis, at least I have the comfort of knowing what’s wrong and that Chaze will be given the right medicine to get well soon. The good doctor prescribed a total of seven medications for my little boy. This is because his cough is associated with an occasional fever, a runny nose, and a loose bowel.  He’s pooping at least three times a day since yesterday.   In fact, his butt already stinks by the time we left the clinic. When we arrived home, I immediately gave him a change of diapers. I also changed his shirt. When I laid him down on the bed, I can’t help but giggle like a little girl when I finally realized what kind of shirt I put him on. The print in front is a picture of a mini-cooper but the text says “Mini Pooper”. So timely, right?

Our pediatrician had to prescribe an antibiotic for Chaze’s bronchitis in order for it not to fall into pneumonia – again.  The doctor warned me that Chaze would not like the taste of it, though.  I asked if it’s as bitter as Zinnat – it’s the antibiotic that Chaze hates the most.  The doctor made a resounding “Yes”.  I then told her that it’s going to be next to impossible to make Chaze take it without a fight and some throwing up on the side.  I also told her that mixing any bitter medicine to the most delicious ice cream there is wouldn’t work on Chaze either.  She suggested to have Chaze eat some ice candy before giving him the medicine.  The coldness of the ice candy would apparently numb his tongue so he cannot taste the full bitterness of the antibiotic.  I did as I was told but was still expecting the worst to happen.  Yeah, that’s how I am most of the times.  But lo and behold!  Chaze didn’t even wince when I gave him the medicine.  Phew!  THANK YOU, Doctor!  Now, I can breathe.

We have until the 18th before all of Chaze’s medications are completed.  Visits to grampa and gramma will have to be sacrificed until he’s fully recovered, though.  Apparently, the presence of chickens, turkeys, and dogs can actually trigger and worsen a bronchitis or URTI according to the doctor, and my parents’ house has all of those three roaming around their yard.  So, for now, they have to come over to our humble abode if they want to see Chaze.  Well, they did came over to check on our little boy this evening.  My father announced to everyone that he will be selling all his poultry animals tomorrow so Chaze won’t get sick when he sleeps over at his grannies’ house again.  My mother has mild asthma and she’s been telling my father to get rid of those poultry animals for years but those pleas have just fallen into deaf ears.  It only took one confirmation from the pediatrician of how harmful those animals are for Chaze and off they go!  I also heard we are going to have turkey for dinner tomorrow.  It’s official – my son has superpowers!  Well, over his grampa, at least!

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